Arena Stage: 

  • Learn to Play Quidditch

    Join the Chicago Youth Quidditch group to learn the game, as only Muggles can.

On the Main Stage: 

  • The Studio 12
  • Shakespeare’s Falstaff

 On the History Stage: 

  • President Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln
  • Eleanor Roosevelt


On the Demo Stage: 

  • Edison Cylinder Recordings

Jorg Rochlitzer as Thomas Edison will be creating Edison Cylinder Recordings, utilizing his hand-cranked camera and more! We promise our patrons will have an enlightening time with Mr. Edison!

  • Tintype Photography

    Dave Rambow with the H.H. Bennett Studio & Museum at Wisconsin Historical Society, Wisconsin Dells, will be demonstrating Tintype Photography.
  • Costume Contest

Strut your stuff before our panel of judges for a prize.  Click here for more details.

In the Lanes:

  • Crooner Windsong
    Join us in welcoming Crooner Windsong, a flower child of the 60’s and 70’s. Portrayed by the talented Iowa musician Jeffrey Bunce, he gives the Age of Aquarius back its voice. Meet him in the lanes of Times of Future Past – if you have a favorite tune, ask if he knows it and can play it – you won’t be disappointed!
  • Votes for Women – Lady Amelia
    Welcome the plucky and political suffragette, Lady Amelia Hanawalt to the lanes of Times of Future Past.  Portrayed by Molly Hruska Ketchum, an established cosplayer and actress, the character of Lady Amelia is American by birth and British by marriage.  Her personal motto is “Deeds, not Words”.  Learn all about the struggle for women’s rights as she is our Suffragette Tea Party hostess!
  • Victoria Summerfield

Catch her beneath a shady tree and listen to a tune or two….

  • Farrow the Wanderer

Welcoming the talented Paul Weber from Delavan, WI to the cast of Times of Future Past.  Paul is a costumed interpreter at Old World Wisconsin and has a great deal of performing experience!  You will see Paul in our lanes as Farrow the Wanderer.

  • Arthur, King of Britains and the Wicked, Bad, and Naughty Zoot

Join us in welcoming Arthur, King of the Britains and the Wicked, Bad, Naughty Zoot to the cast of Times of Future Past.  We think they will make you laugh, just as much as we do…

  • Link from “Legends of Zelda”  
  • Sir John Falstaff  
  • Captain America  
  • Agent Peggy Carter  
  • Spiderman
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Harley Quinn