Arena Stage: 

Aerial Dance GB

Demo Stage: 

Harley Quinn Fitness Fun!
HouseSpock – make-up and SFX demonstrations
The Addamses!

History Stage: 

Salem Witch Trials – Goode Rebecca
Dr. Benjamin Franklin
Women’s Suffrage

Main Stage: 

Jammin with JD & Cutter
Crooner Windsong

Living History Presentations: 

Sarge’s Heros – WWII Generation
Marvels of the 1800s – tintype photography and cylinder recordings
Dr. Franklin’s Colonial America


In the Lanes:


Crooner Windsong

Lt. Cmdr. Data
Farrow the Wanderer

Link, of Zelda Fame

President Theodore Roosevelt

The Amazing Spidey

Harley Quinn

Rosie the Riveter – Living Statue