Costume Contest

Strut your stuff before our panel of judges for a chance to win prizes.

Prizes will be given to best costumes in the following two categories:

First, Second, & Third place prizes will be awarded in each category.

Saturday AND Sunday
June 10 & 11, 2023

HOW TO ENTER: All entries must be turned in by 12 Noon
Contest begins at 1:00 PM each day on the Main Stage.

Costume Contest Guidelines

  1. Anyone wishing to participate in the contest must pre-register. On-site registration will be open from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM. (Noon) Contest rules and forms will be available at the registration table (next to the Main Stage). Anyone needing assistance with the on-site registration please contact Festival management.
  2. We will award FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD prizes in the categories Historic/Steampunk and Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Anime. If your costume doesn’t readily fit into these categories, please contact the Contest Director on-site for direction.
  3. Anyone in costume is welcome to participate (excluding festival cast), using the appropriate categories as entries (see above). Entries are judged individually on their costumes and presentation (~30 seconds on stage unless the staff has questions). *Remember, presentation is important; bring attention to what is awesome about your costume.
  4. Times of Future Past is a family-friendly event. Please keep your costumes/presentations G – PG rated. If you think your performance might be deemed as offensive or risqué, you’re probably right. Costumes deemed indecent or inappropriate will be disqualified and will not be allowed on stage. If your presentation becomes inappropriate while on stage, you will be asked to leave and consequently be disqualified. (Appropriateness applies to any aspect that may contain material offensive to persons of any ethnic, racial, religious, gender, or sexual orientation.) The Contest Director makes all final decisions with no explanation required. If you have questions as to the suitability of your costume/presentation, it is in your best interest to contact the Contest Director well prior to the Contest.
  5. Remember festival weapons rules: peace tied AT ALL TIMES. Fire, flame, or projectiles of any and all sort are completely prohibited, along with anything messy, sticky, gooey, oily, etc. as part of your presentation. Please leave the stage area in the same condition as when you step foot on it. You are responsible to clean up if you leave a mess: items left on stage space, or as outlined above.
  6. Live animals are not allowed (Kewaunee County does not allow animals in the parks.).
  7. The Contest Director has complete, full, and final authority over all aspects of the Costume Contest, including the possibility of any rule exception.
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