Entertainment in 2023 – stay tuned for info on our 2024 line-up of talent!

On Stage

Aerial Dance of Green Bay

Commander Data – Star Trek

Played by Kayla Ferguson

Crooner Windsong – 1960s Bard

Played by Jeffrey Bunce

Mark Twain

Played by Doug Donald

Mary Todd Lincoln

Played by Jessica Michna

Sarge’s Heroes

Played by Dane & Mercedes Gambrall


Played by Darby Kern

House Spock

Cosplay Experts

Entertainment by Cutter

Cover Band

Green Bay Cricket Association

Cricket athletes

Deeplight LARP

LARP Performers

Suffragette Tea

Wisconsin Tea Badgers

Rita Dow, Karen Erickson, & Mary Prince, hostesses

In The Lanes

Farrow the Wanderer

Played by Paul Weber


Played by Grayson Gambrall

Magical Forest Cat

Played by Ginger Whimsey

Geralt of Rivia – The Witcher

Played by Tim Thompson

Triss – The Witcher

Played by Kelly Guentner

Ciri – The Witcher

Played by Crayle McDonald

Elastigirl – The Incredibles

Played by Kelli Mayo

Edna Mode – The Incredibles

Played by Cheri Dontje

Doctor Bombay – Bewitched

Played by Frank Outersky

Harley Quinn – DC Universe

Played by Kristi Staab

Special Attraction

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

Provided by Matt Hissom

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