Vendors below are from 2023 – stay tuned for our 2024 artisan list.

Artisan Village

Artsy Fartsy Dee

Antiques & upcycled found objects

Blacksmith’s Hammer

Handmade metal items

Chapman’s Leather

Hand crafted leather goods

Dark River Pottery

Hand-crafted ceramics for the home

Dead On Target Armory

Duke Robyn Designs

Upcycled and assorted sundry items

Fairy Fortunes by Ruby Ruse

Fortunes & divinations

Footbridge Apiaries

Local beekeepers. Display and sale of all things bee

Garden of a Junk Drawer

One-of-a-kind arts and crafts pieces

Godden’s Garb

Clothing & accessories, jewelry, dragons, and such.

Grumpy Gnome Naturals

Organic soaps, handwoven baskets, & more

Handcrafted by Heather

Handmade and custom made clothing

Helen Heaven Creations

Fantasy jewelry

Highland Princess Designs

Handmade chainmail and scalemail

It’s Raining Color

Anime-themed fanart & original artworks

La Gazza Pazza

Historical clothing and accessories

MacNeill 3D

3D prinited items

Mathom Wier

Milliner Extraordinaire

Hand-crafted, period correct ladies’ hats

Meyer’s Magical Market

Eclectic curio shoppe

Pioneers Purl

Handmade yarn


One-of-a-kind treasures to amuse and delight

T. Warax Designs

Custom woodburning, gifts, and commissions

Tangled Fibres

Crochet items

Traveling Treadlers

Fiber arts & Education


Costuming accessories, gaming items

Weaving Links Maille

Steampunk, chainmail, and scalemail creations

Wood & Flora

Hand crafted flower crowns

Food & Drink

Desert Veterans of WI

Picnic fare food Nonprofit organization

Osorio’s Latin Fusion

Latin food

Home & Community Education

Cookies Nonprofit organization

4-H of NE Wisconsin

Bottled water

Mona Rose Winery


Thumb Knuckle Brewing


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